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04/23/2014 - 7:00 pm
Event Details:

Lori Majewski & Jonathan Bernstein present & sign Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s (Signed Edition)

Mad World is a highly entertaining oral history that celebrates the New Wave music phenomenon of the 1980s via new interviews with 35 of the most notable artists of the period. Each chapter begins with a discussion of their most popular song but leads to stories of their history and place in the scene, ultimately painting a vivid picture of this colorful, idiosyncratic time. Mixtape suggestions, fashion sidebars, and quotes from famous contemporary admirers help fill out the fun. Participants include members of Duran Duran, New Order, The Smiths, Tears for Fears, Adam Ant, Echo and the Bunnymen, Devo, ABC, Spandau Ballet, A Flock of Seagulls, Thompson Twins, and INXS. (Abrams)

Joined by Moby, Teri Nunn of Berlin, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Michael DesBarres & other surprise guests!

ISBN: 9781419710971
Price: $19.95

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04/24/2014 - 7:00 pm
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Morley presents and signs If You're Reading This, There's Still Time (Signed Edition)

Morley is a Los Angeles-based street artist that specializes in bold, typographic posters which he wheat pastes within the urban landscape. Blending humor, hope and his unique perspective on life, Morley's aim is to act as a friendly voice amongst the cacophony of billboarded messages and corporate slogans. This voice was given a face when he began including an image of himself in each of his pieces, looking to create a more intimate relationship between the artist and the audience than many of his anonymous contemporaries could allow. In 2011, Morley's work caught the eye of Steve Lazarides whose Outsiders imprint began selling his work, describing it thusly: "His sympathetic statements give the tirelessly aspirational residents a welcome reminder of what's important in life: love, simple pleasures, making the world a slightly better place and not hating on yourself too much."
Today, he continues to paste his work in any city that doesn't enforce their vandalism laws through caning. Also he made us promise to include the fact that he can hold his breath for over an hour, and that "if anyone challenged him to a breath holding contest, they would totally lose," but he was probably lying about that. (Cameron & Company)

ISBN: 9781937359584
Price: $28.00

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04/25/2014 - 7:00 pm
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Elaine Lui presents and signs Listen to the Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What's a Daughter to Do? a Memoir (Sort Of)

As the 800,000+ U.S. fans of Elaine Lui's site know, her mother, aka The Squawking Chicken, is a huge factor in Elaine's life. She pulls no punches, especially with her only child. "Where's my money?" she asks every time she sees Elaine. "You'll never be Miss Hong Kong," she informed her daughter when she was a girl. Listen to the Squawking Chicken lays bare the playbook of unusual advice, warnings, and unwavering love that has guided Elaine throughout her life. Using the nine principles that her mother used to raise her, Elaine tells us the story of the Squawking Chicken's life--in which she walked an unusual path to parent with tough love, humor, and, through it all, a mother's unyielding devotion to her daughter. This is a love letter to mothers everywhere. (Amy Einhorn Books)

ISBN: 9780399166792
Price: $24.95

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04/25/2014 - 8:00 pm
Event Details:

Vroman's presents Diane Keaton at the Wilshire Ebell presenting her new book Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty


Event location: Wilshire Ebell Theatre

In her newest book, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty, Diane Keaton presents a clever and humorous account of her life spent working in a world obsessed with beauty.  Keaton encourages readers to fight against society’s conventional standards of beauty, becoming more true to themselves and learning to love who they are both inside and out.  Through personal anecdotes and experiences, Keaton discusses how our perception of ideal beauty changes with age, and how living a fulfilling life, not physical appearance, is actually the beauty people are seeking their whole lives.


Event Details (updated 3/10/14):
- This event will be held April 25, at 8pm, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, located at 4401 West 8th Street Los Angeles, CA 90005.

- Admission is $32.00 (+tax) per person and includes an autographed copy of Diane Keaton’s new book, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty. Books will be handed out the night of the event upon receipt of the book ticket. Tickets are now available through Vroman’s Bookstore, Vroman’s Hastings Ranch, and Book Soup. Please call Vroman’s Will Call Department at 626-449-5320 for more information.

- Doors open at 7pm and seating is general admission

ISBN: 11-99-43347-0
Price: $32.00

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05/01/2014 - 7:00 pm
Event Details:

Katherine Turman & Jon Wiederhorn present & sign Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal

Joined by Anthrax’s Scott Ian

The definitive oral history of heavy metal, Louder Than Hell by renowned music journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman includes hundreds of interviews with the giants of the movement, conducted over the past 25 years.  Unlike many forms of popular music, metalheads tend to embrace their favorite bands and follow them over decades. Metal is not only a pastime for the true aficionados; it's a lifestyle and obsession that permeates every aspect of their being. Louder Than Hell is an examination of that cultural phenomenon and the much-maligned genre of music that has stood the test of time.  Louder Than Hell features more than 250 interviews with some of the biggest bands in metal, including Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Spinal Tap, Pantera, White Zombie, Slipknot, and Twisted Sister; insights from industry insiders, family members, friends, scenesters, groupies, and journalists; and 48 pages of full-color photographs. (It Books)

ISBN: 9780061958298
Price: $21.99

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05/02/2014 - 7:30 pm
Event Details:

Aimee Bender presents and signs The Color Master

A traumatic event unfolds when a girl with hair the color of golden wheat appears in an apple orchard; a woman plays out a fantasy with her husband and finds she cannot go back to her old sex life; an ugly woman marries an ogre and struggles to decide if she should stay with him after he mistakenly eats their children; and two sisters travel deep into Malaysia, where one learns the art of mending tigers who have been ripped to shreds.   In each of The Color Master's fifteen remarkable stories, Aimee Bender holds a funhouse mirror up to reality, proving, once again, that she is one of the most intelligent and imaginative writers of our time. (Anchor Books)

ISBN: 9780307744197
Price: $15.00

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05/03/2014 - 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Event Details:

First Ever CALIFORNIA Bookstore Day!

On May 3rd, more than 90 independent bookstores across California will celebrate books, readers, and indie bookselling on the first annual California Bookstore Day. Think Record Store Day but for us book nerds.

Join us as we celebrate California Bookstore Day with fun events and some excellent specials and giveaways!

A sampling of special books and gifts available at Book Soup on that day:

A full-color, 68-page hardcover book, Depressed. Repressed. Obsessed featues Lisa Brown’s 3-Panel book reviews. SIGNED and NUMBERED, with an introduction by the bestselling author of the Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny books, Mo Willems.

The Sleeper and the Spindle. A limited bound and illustrated copy of a Neil Gaiman short story inspired by Sleeping Beauty for middle and young readers.

A Literary Map of California. An original full-color giclée print of California literary settings featuring 24 beloved books from the 20th and 21st centuries including The Maltese Falcon, The Joy Luck Club, Wild, Devil in a Blue Dress, and others. Gallery quality, suitable for framing, and created especially for CBD.

“Bad Citizen” Stencil. A wooden stencil suitable to hang as art or use as a graffiti stencil, inspired by Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise. Beautifully packaged in a cellophane envelope.


Jenny Slate & Dean Fleischer, authors of Marcel the Shell, lead a special Book Soup storytime at 12 noon!

Beth Lapides hosts Uncabaret, featuring authors Jeff Garlin, Richard Kramer, Jen Kirkman, & Cindy Chupack at 6pm!

More to come!

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05/04/2014 - 4:00 pm
Event Details:

Joel Selvin presents and signs Here Comes the Night: The Dark Soul of Bert Berns and the Dirty Business of Rhythm and Blues

Here Comes the Night is both a definitive account of the golden age of rhythm and blues of the early '60s and the harrowing, ultimately tragic story of songwriter and record producer Bert Berns, whose meteoric career was fueled by his pending doom. His heart damaged by rheumatic fever as a youth, Berns was not expected to live to see 21. Although his name is little remembered today, Berns worked alongside all the greats of the era--Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler, Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector, Gerry Goffin and Carole King, anyone who was anyone in New York rhythm and blues. In seven quick years, he went from nobody to the top of the pops--producer of monumental r&b classics, songwriter of "Twist and Shout," "My Girl Sloopy," "Piece of My Heart," and others.  His fury to succeed led Berns to use his Mafia associations to muscle Atlantic Records out of their partnership and intimidate new talents like Neil Diamond and Van Morrison, whom he had signed to his record label. Berns died at age 38 from a long-expected heart attack, just when he was seeing his grandest plans and life's ambitions frustrated and foiled. (Counterpoint LLC)

ISBN: 9781619023024
Price: $25.00

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05/05/2014 - 7:00 pm
Event Details:

Scotch Wichmann presents and signs Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things with Him

A madcap dark comedy about best friends determined to tackle the American Dream with bird feathers, duct tape, and a sticky AK-47.   Hank and Larry are performance artists on the seedy streets of San Francisco where art fans flock to see what crazy performance they'll do next. Fame and fortune seem just around the corner--provided Larry can keep his best friend Hank's paranoia and delirium from spiraling out of control.   But when poverty forces the performers to take computer jobs working for a ruthless billionaire CEO, their boss's hundred-hour work weeks, relentless corporate propaganda, and soggy breakroom burritos turn them into nervous wrecks.   Hungry for revenge with their dreams of glory fading, Hank and Larry plot their greatest performance ever: to kidnap their billionaire boss and turn him into the wildest performance artist the world has ever seen.  (Freakshow Books)

ISBN: 9780991025701
Price: $17.99

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05/06/2014 - 7:00 pm
Event Details:

Jon Boorstin presents and signs Mabel & Me: A Novel About the Movies

It's 1912 in Hollywood, the birth of the Movies, and Mabel Normand, the talented prototype of the contemporary comedienne, is shocking the world. Mabel Normand -- the visionary who turned Charlie Chaplin into a movie star, enchanted Mack Sennett, and became the first actress to have her name emblazoned in the title of a motion picture -- is the funniest woman on earth. And she is undoubtedly the most beguiling.   Mabel and Me takes us deep inside the earliest days of motion pictures, and together with the Queen of Comedy, we become obsessed with motion pictures, caught in the web of their mesmerizing power. We meet Jack, a young man coming of age with the Movies. And with Mabel.

As Jack evolves in a formative Hollywood, he shares his relentless, destructive, and ultimately liberating love for Mabel and the Movies. It's an equilateral triangle whose points teach us not just about the realities and the fiction of film, but about the complex meaning of passion.  (Angel City Press)

ISBN: 9781626400160
Price: $27.00

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